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Special-Interest Directory Website Publishers since 2002

Our collection of website properties recorded over 2.7 million unique visits and nearly 7.6 million page views during 2008.  Our health resource properties, led by Health Guide USA and Health Resources USA, account for 46% of our unique visitor traffic and 44% of our page views.  Another 38% of our unique visitor traffic and 37% of our page views are derived from our web properties focused on real estate related resources (primarily property assessments, property records and property taxation).  Assessor Links USA and All Things Political are our web properties is this category.  Our feline health/veterinary resource properties, led by  Juggling Cats, generate 7% and 8% of our unique visitor and page view traffic, respectively.  Most of our remaining traffic is derived from Doomsday Guide, a web directory devoted to eschatology and unexplained mystery topics.  NSRP

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